Chrome plating

Chrome plating - a perfect mirror finish for elements




Chromium is a silver metal with a shiny blue shade.

For protective and decorative purposes, we apply chromium as the outer layer of a double-layered Ni/Cr or three-layer Cu/Ni/Cr coating.

In combination with the appropriate surface preparation of the product (i.e., grinding and mechanical polishing), the Ni/Cr and Cu /Ni/Cr coatings allow a highly decorative mirror effect to be achieved.

The decorative chrome plating technology used by us also provides optimal protection from corrosion for nickel plated surfaces. The chromium coating furthermore exhibits high hardness and abrasion resistance.

We use a modern, ecological chromium bath based on German technology characterized by high depth and ability to cover, as well as an even distribution of deposited metal - the chromium layers cover as shiny, pore-free coatings.

In addition, technology reduces the costs associated with bathing and neutralization of sewage, minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment.

The maximum dimensions of the suspension details are [mm] 3500 length x 1000 width x 1000 height



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