Our technologies and devices in the field of electroplating


* Vibrobot ®




Vibrobot® is a Swiss device controlled fully automatically, designed for precision electroplating of delicate elements without worrying about damaging them.

  • In combination with Vibrosec automatic dryer it is an excellent alternative to traditional barrel coating and centrifugal drying.
  • The detail vibrates in a special basket with the frequency set by the electroplating operator.
  • The program contains information about the size of the charge that must pass through the bath to produce a given coating thickness.
  • New bath, continuously pumped into the working container in which the coating process takes place, maintains a constant, near-cathode concentration of cations of the released metal, ensuring the same thickness of the coating on the entire surface of the detail.
  • The device operates in a closed circuit and is environmentally friendly.
  • Currently, the device performs the following processes:
    • silver-plating,
    • technical nickel plating,
    • technical tin plating,




* Line for continuous covering of strips, openwork and wires (reel-to-reel plating)


The device is intended for the selective application of nickel, tin and silver coatings from very modern, fast-setting British-German Shipley-Ronal baths.

The single-track line is equipped with unwinding and winding stations for strips, openwork or wire, as well as a spot weld, designed to connect the ends of the coated material. The speed of travel is 2-6 m / min. The thickness of the applied coatings is regulated by current parameters and the speed of the strip moving through individual work zones.

The maximum width of the coated strips and openwork is 55 mm, the thickness of the strip - 0.8 mm, and the maximum outer diameter of the strip or openwork - 700 mm.




* X-Ray


The thickness measurement is carried out using the X-ray flourescence method, using the FISCHEROSCOPE X-RAY control and measurement apparatus.

The device examines:

  • single coatings
  • double coatings
  • two-component alloy coatings

The software performs measurement without reference, thanks to the initial calibration for all measuring tasks.




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