• Galvanic Coatings

    • decorative chrome plating
    • nickel plating with gloss
    • technical nickel plating
    • zinc plating with passivation:
      • colorless with a shade of blue
      • rainbow-hued
      • black
      • olive
    • sealing and varnishing
    • tin plating with gloss
    • technical tin plating
    • decorative copper plating
    • Vibrobot® technical silver plating
    • nickel plating, tin plating, and galvanizing with continuous coating (reel-to-reel) method for strips, wires, capillaries and openwork.
  • Additional Services

    • etching and passivation of non-ferrous metals,
    • grinding and polishing of surfaces for galvanic coatings,
    • packaging of details in accordance with the customer's specification,
    • storage of finished products on the area of 4,000 m2,
    • transport adapted to individual requirements of a customer.
  • Our Advantages

    • unique technological solutions (reel-to-reel, Vibrobot, Gutling),
    • the highest quality and repeatability of completed orders,
    • modern galvanic lines - manually and automatically operated,
    • work in a 3-shift system - short delivery times,
    • qualified personnel, certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics,
    • consulting on appropriate anti-corrosion solutions (decorative and technical),
    • monitored warehouses of raw and ready products, open 24h/day,
    • availability of management and warehouse staff,
    • guarded area of galvanizing plant with an area of 11,000 m2,
    • implemented PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system,
    • location of the plant near the main exit roads to Gdańsk, Poznań, Szczecin, and Warsaw.
  • Technological Capabilities

    • we specialize in coating steel, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze products for the following industries:
      • automotive,
      • furniture and interior furnishing,
      • electronic and electrotechnical,
      • sanitary and heating,
      • construction and machinery,
      • shipping.
    • we also do coatings for non-standard details requiring special technological solutions,
    • we apply coatings that meet Polish, European and international standards.

Our technologies in the field of electroplating

Chrome plating






Continuous Coating

Etching and Passivation

Additional Services

Grinding and Polishing


of details in accordance with the customer's specification


of finished products on the area of 4,000 m2


adapted to individual requirements of a customer


Contact details

P.W. Cynkopol

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85-861 Bydgoszcz

NIP: 953-100-96-88


tel. 884 884 819

fax. 52 363 00 62


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