Copper plating - micro-smoothing of the surface and even higher corrosion resistance


Copper is a soft, plastic metal with a red color. Copper sublayer in the system of decorative and protective coatings significantly improves corrosion resistance, additionally increasing the aesthetic qualities of the product. Moreover, the coppering process is also used for technical purposes - covering plastics, printed circuit boards, electroplating and printing.

We offer copper coatings with a wide range of applications:

  • as a sublayer - in Cu/Ni/Cr coating systems
  • as a final coating for decorative purposes


Thanks to the use of modern technology of acid copper plating, we obtained:

  • very good gloss and ductility
  • perfect penetration that facilitates further processing (nickel plating)
  • unprecedented micro-smoothing capacity of the surface


The continuous filtration process of a copper bath allows to avoid organic impurities and mechanical interpolations in the released coating.

The above processes are performed in the following devices:

  • Suspension baskets with dimensions [mm] 2500 length x 1000 width x 1000 height


In order to ensure optimal quality and repeatability of coatings, individual process parameters and dosing of additives are controlled automatically.

Baths are subjected to systematic laboratory analysis.


The thickness of the applied coatings is verified by means of a measuring instrument using the X-ray fluorescence method (Fischeroscope X-Ray).


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