Zinc plating

Zinc plating - decorative visual effect and high corrosion resistance




Thanks to cooperation with leading suppliers of modern galvanizing technologies, our zinc coatings are characterized by a mirror-like gloss.

Depending on the passivation used, we obtain coatings in a shade of blue, gold, black and olive. 

What is more, our zinc coatings are distinguished due to: 

  • excellent depth of the bath, ensuring uniform thickness of the released coating on profiled surfaces,
  • gloss that can replace Ni-Cr decorative coatings, especially when you do not expect a lasting effect,
  • significant adhesion resulting from perfect surface preparation before galvanic coating,
  • the possibility of increasing anti-corrosion protection by sealing and increasing the abrasion resistance due to immersion painting 

The continuous filtration process avoids damaging organic impurities and mechanical interpolations in the coating. 
The above processes are performed in the following devices:

  • Suspension baskets for details with maximum dimensions [mm] 3500 length x 1000 width x 1000 height
  • Semi-automatic high performance zinc barrels 

In order to ensure optimal quality and repeatability of coatings, individual process parameters and dosing of additives are controlled automatically. What is more, baths are subjected to systematic laboratory analysis. 

The thickness of the applied coatings is verified by means of a measuring instrument using the X-ray fluorescence method (Fischeroscope X-Ray).


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